Santa vs the Secret Shopper
A Billionaire Holiday Romantic Comedy

Billionaires #IRL

This year Santa's going on the naughty list...


In order to take over as CEO of my family’s billion-dollar company, my grandfather insists I play Santa Claus in our flagship store. To say it’s the worst job ever is an understatement. I can’t even pretend I want to be good at it.

Enter the merriest, cheekiest, most feisty thorn in my grumpy, workaholic side: Krista Parr. This secret shopper has no idea who I really am—at least not while I’m wearing the red suit and beard.

We immediately butt heads. But maybe the costume has softened my brain because instead of firing her, I’ve somehow persuaded Krista to teach me to be a better Santa. (Hint: she’s unlikely to succeed.)

It’s becoming alarmingly clear to me that I’ll do just about anything to spend more time with this Christmas-crazy woman. I just hope she’ll forgive me when she finds out who I really am.